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Turn-Key Program

Revenue Programs for Retailers

Our completely turn-key services produce ongoing revenue...
At absolutely no cost to you.

Why does it make sense to offer Air, Vacuum and Water services at your convenience store, service station, or car wash locations? 

It’s simple. You receive a turn-key revenue stream at no cost or effort.

Vac Air Service, Inc. is a leader in the state of Florida simply because our exclusive revenue sharing approach offers more benefit to owners and operators. How does it work? The secret is that we own, install, maintain, and even replace our high-quality, high-performing machines at absolutely no cost to you—ever. 

For an Air/Vac/Water program to be successful, all equipment must work when your customers want to use them. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well for our retail partners it is. With Vac Air Service, Inc., they know they don’t have to worry about customers being irritated by broken or dirty machines and driving down the street to a nearby competitor.  

Our dedicated service professionals and our own fleet of fully equipped maintenance vehicles see to it that our machines generate revenues at your locations, not headaches.  We conduct routine maintenance inspections to prevent problems from developing, and, if necessary, we’ll be at your location within 72 hours of being alerted to any trouble. 

What could be easier?

To learn how your operation can benefit from an Vac Air Service, Inc., revenue program, just call us at 800-881-6786, chat with us on-line, or provide your contact information and we’ll be in touch.

Plus our revenue programs offer choices among several attractive, free-standing equipment models to match your needs and the needs of your customers.