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Equipment / Models

N2Go – Nitrogen

Perfect for operations that serve customers with new and advanced automobiles, the N2Go dispenses pure nitrogen into tires, which ensures more consistent tire pressure and reduces moisture in tires, protecting against wheel corrosion. On this model, digital pressure regulation, credit card readers and remote monitoring come standard.

Air Elite

The Elite delivers top-tier looks and performance, with a sleek, modern design and hose retractor at no extra cost. It also comes with cutting-edge options, including water, remote monitoring, credit card reader and digital pressure regulation..

Air / Vacuum

This machine combines two high-demand functions: compressed air for tire inflation and vacuum for cleaning. Easily incorporated into any part of your operation, the Air/Vac can be concrete or integrated vault mounted. It also comes with all the advanced options to help you better serve your customer, including water, credit card reader, and remote monitoring.

Air Pro

At Vac Air, excellence comes standard. That’s why the Air Pro, our most popular model, comes with remote monitoring, credit card reader, 14 gauge stainless steel housing, and braided steel hose to ensure durability and reliable performance. We also believe in options, and you’ve got plenty, including wall mount, vault mount and pedestal payment towers.